About Us


Delving into the swimwear industry made us more aware than ever of the unfortunate role it plays in perpetuating unsustainable, poor working conditions. We have made a dedicated effort to ensure that every aspect of our operations, from fabric sourcing to manufacturing, is monitored safely. By working closely alongside our manufacturers, we have been able to ensure both safe and renewable production methods. By eliminating intermediaries and shipping bikinis directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, we provide sustainable swimwear at reasonable prices so that it is accessible to everyone

We firmly believe that by sharing our journey and staying true to our values, we can make a positive difference in the fashion industry. Together, we can foster change, one conscious choice at a time.

We encourage you to reach out to us with any inquiries regarding our swimwear, as we are passionate about providing honest and open information about our production processes.

The Process:

We collaborate closely with our manufacturers, a small family-owned workshop in London, who possess extensive sampling and garment production expertise. Together, we strive to create bikinis of the highest quality. Our process begins with carefully selecting sustainably-made fabrics for our designs, which we then provide to our manufacturers. By eliminating intermediaries, we are able to offer affordable yet sustainably made bikinis, delivering them directly from the manufacturer to you.


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